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Pictogram 'Free Willy' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'Free Willy' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 3 1 Pictogram 'Titanic' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'Titanic' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 10 0 Pictogram 'Singin in the Rain' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'Singin in the Rain' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 3 0 Pictogram 'The Shining' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'The Shining' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 1 2 Pictogram 'Psycho' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'Psycho' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 9 2 Pictogram 'Potemkin Battleship by Mimi7 Pictogram 'Potemkin Battleship :iconmimi7:Mimi7 5 0 Pictogram 'Mary Poppins' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'Mary Poppins' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 4 0 Pictogram 'Karate Kid' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'Karate Kid' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 4 0 Pictogram 'The Matrix' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'The Matrix' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 10 2 Pictogram 'Indiana Jones: RLA' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'Indiana Jones: RLA' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 6 5 Pictogram 'Flashdance' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'Flashdance' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 6 0 Pictogram 'Sat Night Fever' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'Sat Night Fever' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 3 0 Pictogram 'E.T.' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'E.T.' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 5 0 Pictogram 'Life is Beautiful' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'Life is Beautiful' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 4 0 Pictogram 'The Ring' by Mimi7 Pictogram 'The Ring' :iconmimi7:Mimi7 6 2 Irina...Me by Mimi7 Irina...Me :iconmimi7:Mimi7 2 6
I upload these because I want to know what you think about them. Please feel free to comment or criticize :D


Seamless Paper Patterns by WebTreatsETC Seamless Paper Patterns :iconwebtreatsetc:WebTreatsETC 539 70 Putting Out by humon Putting Out :iconhumon:humon 10,105 2,407
Morning Love- EH DH
   Donghae was the first to wake up but you wouldn't necessarily call it waking up. He got up, walked around a bit to look around but found himself scrambling back into the dorm room he shared with Eunhyuk again. Like a yo-yo and string, he flew back to his love. Waddling like a penguin into the room.
   He didn't want to wake Eunhyuk so he stood by the bedside, watching him for a second.
   "Why are you so cute when you sleep?" Donghae whispered, pushing a piece of hair back off from Eunhyuk's sleeping face. He had to resist the temptation to touch Eunhyuk's lips. Donghae's heart started to race when he knew any member could walk in so he wobbled over to the door, locked it and wobbled back to Eunhyuk's side. After awhile he thought it was strange to watch him while he slept so he took off his slippers and snuggled back into the bed.
   He heard Eunhyuk shuffle around, giving a little moan and liste
:iconfreelivesthebird:Freelivesthebird 34 31
Polaroids and kisses- LT KG
   Leeteuk was tired from the Christmas shopping he had accomplished today. Kangin had fallen asleep next to him after carrying him up from the car. Kangin's head leaning against the couch as Leeteuk smiled and idea came into mind. He could feel the evil boil inside him. The quiet steps he took to his room couldn't be any louder but he managed not to wake Kangin. He walked into the bedroom and pulled out the hidden drawers under his bed. He started to wonder if Kangin knew where he kept everything…oh well. Leeteuk dug around inside the draws until he found his old Polaroid camera. Ha-ha-ha, he mischievously grinned.
   He didn't have many pictures of Kangin because for one Kangin never liked his pictures being taken and two, he never knew Leeteuk had a camera. He snuck back out into the living room making sure it had some film-which it did- and kneeled right in front of Kangin. He tried to hid
:iconfreelivesthebird:Freelivesthebird 15 3
Love Letters-DH, EH
   Eunhyuk was in love with Donghae. That was just it. There was nothing lower than that and there was always going to be something greater than that. The only problem was that Donghae wouldn't return his feelings but it wasn't like he knew either. The first time Eunhyuk fell in love was Donghae was when they first met and he kept them bottled up. Bottled up with the box of letters he kept under his bed. They were secret and it was going to stay that way.
   He loved everything about Donghae. His spastic behavior, his outrageous clinginess, his cute behavior that he was attracted too out of all the members. When he would complain about how he wouldn't say hi to him in the morning or when he would get back from whatever. He was more than just a colleague, he thought of him as a best friend.
   About the letters. They started when he had accidentally confessed at their meeting for their forbidden romance show.
:iconfreelivesthebird:Freelivesthebird 22 4
In the Dark- HN ZM
   Henry chuckled, "Don't, that tickles!"
   The lights were off and he couldn't see a thing but he knew for a fact that Zhou Mi sat in front of him with that playful smile of his, his hands tickling Henry's sides. A feeling of warmth and excitement playing through his veins.
   "Aww, my cute little Henry," Zhou Mi teased.
   "Zhou, stop it!" Henry said breathless, squirming under his Hyung's touch, "I c-can't b-b-breathe!" His laughs echoing around the dark room. The pain in his stomach burning as he finally fell to the side, making Zhou Mi laugh also.
   "Henry!" Zhou Exclaimed,  "Stop laughing, your making my stomach hurt!"
   "I-I c-c-can't…" Henry whispered, trying to take big gulps of air.
   "Henry, s-stop!" Zhou Mi fell to the floor next to Henry.
   "You're the one who started it!" Henry managed to say.
:iconfreelivesthebird:Freelivesthebird 26 17
Title: MILK
Pairing: Eunhyuk & Donghae
Rating: G
Genre: Pointless fluff.
   Donghae had nothing to do and Eunhyuk did not either. So, here they were in the living room, sitting next to each other, completely bored. Eunhyuk would occasionally shift around, sometimes scooting closer to Donghae. Knowing what he was doing, Donghae would smirk and move to but this time, he left his palm facing up. Eunhyuk noticed after Donghae flipped a channel on the television and let his hand casually waltz right to his. He was almost there until Yesung walked into the kitchen behind them. Although he didn't bother, it made them both nervous the whole time he was in there…doing whatever it was he was doing. Donghae turned his head a bit and smiled sheepishly at Eunhyuk before he turned to look at Yesung.
   Yesung was just…making tea and within moments he was already gone, leaving Eunhyuk and Donghae in their peace. And to make matters w
:iconfreelivesthebird:Freelivesthebird 20 29
The accident was months ago. The ones that were involved in the accident were long since released from the hospital. Of course Kyuhyun was the only one who was severely injured and that was a blessing in one way. In the way that the accident didn't put all four of the members in such straights but of course it wasn't a blessing at all. Kyuhyun had made it through and had a wonderful recovering. He had long since been happy, back with all of the members of their group, Super Junior and working once again. Things had been peaceful and the trauma of that fateful day when four of their members were almost taken from them in the blink of an eye was over, long gone. So, Jongwoon would like to ask himself for probably about the 50th time already, why was Ryeowook still sneaking into his bed?
Kim Ryeowook, the eternal maknae, the one who didn't have problems showing and sharing his emotions with the others had started crawling into Jongwoon's bed in the middle of the night after the accident h
:iconsealegs2414:Sealegs2414 7 5
Innocent Touches...
Having a boyfriend is a good thing. Or it's supposed to be, right? That's what Kyuhyun had asked himself for the third time that week. He had a boyfriend, not only handsome but pretty, cute but sexy,  really sweet and caring yet he had his more cunning and devious moments as well. He was a master in martial arts which while it was awe striking and beautiful to watch it was also deadly. Sungmin was one of a kind, he seemed to be good at just about anything he tried even cooking. Something Kyuhyun severely lacked at. His boyfriend was almost always around when he needed him and generally always cheerful. So, why was Kyuhyun wondering if it was a good thing to have a boyfriend? If only he couldn't remember why. Ignorance is bliss. He now fully understood that saying.
Lee Sungmin loved his boyfriend, Cho Kyuhyun. The two had been together for almost two years now and things never seemed to get dull. The awkward and shy side of Kyuhyun was just as in abundance as the snarky confid
:iconsealegs2414:Sealegs2414 10 13
Teaser: Sungmin
It was finally the end of the teaser photoshoot.
Sungmin, who had just finished taking his turn as the last, collapsed beside you, as he strated to remove the clothes he was made to wear by the coordinoonas.
"Oh, finally" he moaned, letting his head roll back and closing his eyes out of relief.
You chuckle softly, reaching out to massage his temples "Good Job, I'm sure the teaser photos will look great"
He relaxes into your touch almost at once, smiling softly as he leans toward you more "You really think I pulled it off okay?" he asks anxiously, probably remembering the fact that he had to stand completely still for more than 30 minutes because the photographer couldn't be satisfied and kept taking pictures.
You smiled at him confidently "I'm sure of it" you say, not wanting to add the fact that it was plainfully obvious that the photographer seemed to be his fan and just wanted to take a whole lot of pictures of him.
He smiles widely, as if your words took a load off his chest. Then
:iconreishicolleen:Reishicolleen 11 4
My Timetable by pyrology My Timetable :iconpyrology:pyrology 9 9 KyuMin wedding invitation by ZinnieN KyuMin wedding invitation :iconzinnien:ZinnieN 27 14 Valentines Day backgrounds by chambertin Valentines Day backgrounds :iconchambertin:chambertin 369 9 Elegant Tile by oxboxer Elegant Tile :iconoxboxer:oxboxer 422 27 More blocks and lights by bmh1 More blocks and lights :iconbmh1:bmh1 84 7 Wooden Clouds: Wallpaper Tile. by start-static Wooden Clouds: Wallpaper Tile. :iconstart-static:start-static 697 91
My beloved ones ♥ These are genuine, truly beautiful


:iconraikozu21: :iconsealegs2414: :iconmycherishe: :iconoxboxer: :iconreishicolleen: :iconbabymario6394: :icongmyzo4kpop: :icontiduspoorpants: :iconsujuglobalelfs: :iconpiinky-giirl: :iconlucifeil07: :iconpowerofsong: :iconhumon:


Hi Fidelity Head by jasinski Hi Fidelity Head :iconjasinski:jasinski 805 47 Joy by Tooshtoosh Joy :icontooshtoosh:Tooshtoosh 506 71 Triumph over Chaos by MasterC88 Triumph over Chaos :iconmasterc88:MasterC88 260 43 Think About It by MrBadger Think About It :iconmrbadger:MrBadger 467 47 Design. by MrBadger Design. :iconmrbadger:MrBadger 1,252 157
I'm not greedy, but these are so cool I can't help it :P



My name is Irina. I like to see life in a different way. I'm random and silly. I'm twenty years old but I'm a kid in my mind and heart.
Someday, I hope, I would be able to make my life as wonderful as my books. Yeah cuz I love to read, and to write. Don't you wish reality was as fantastic as those stories and tales?

Current Residence: Somewhere over the rainbow
Favourite genre of music: Kpop, Indie Rock, Rock in general, Oldies, Crossover
Favourite style of art: Constructivism
Operating System: Windows Seven
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano 3G
Wallpaper of choice: Super Junior's Bonamana
Favourite cartoon character: Cosmo from The Fairly Odd Parents
Weeeeeee!!! My days of boreness *see my previous journal entry* are almost done. We're just one week away of the begining of the new semester :D
Some people may think it is silly or kind of nerd, but I love having things to do and, since I'm studying Graphic Design, school for me is more exciting, even more this semester, cuz very getting to the corporate aspect of Design.
Almost everyone in my class prefers Illustration, Art or Photography when it comes to types or kinds of Design, but, as the weirdo that I am, I prefer something different: logo, visual identity and advertising.
I guess that means I'm very off-beat.
Anyways, I hope this excitement over new classes lasts all of the term.
Live long and prosper ♥
  • Listening to: Hotel California - The Eagles
  • Reading: Federico García Lorca's Biography - Ian Gib
  • Watching: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Playing: Minesweper (yeah the one from windows)
  • Eating: cheese fingers
  • Drinking: Apricot yogur


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